(In her own words)

Hi Priscila, we know that you are from Brazil…why did you move to Berlin…we would kill to have sunshine all year around!!!

Hi guys, first thank you so much for inviting me to this interview. I moved to Berlin two and a half years ago. In the beginning I didn’t like it much, but after a while I fell in love with this city. It’s kind of a mixture of different cultures, history, magical places,… for me it’s the city of Freedom.

How did you learn about Forde Fitness?

I was training with a personal trainer who invited me for the first session at the park.

When was your first class?

My first class was at the end of April last year, on an early Sunday. It was cold and I was feeling sleepy but after we started the session it felt amazing.

How would you describe Forde Fitness? What’s the difference between us and a regular gym and which one do you prefer and why?

Forde Fitness for me is not a gym. It’s like a family. We are all together trying to be better day by day. Since the first moment that I started with you, I keep getting excited before every training and try do my best. At Forde Fitness I can be who I am, even when I’m not having a good day. By the end of a training session I feel like reborn.

We know that it’s a huge commitment to be a professional model since the industry is so competitive. Has Forde Fitness helped you keep in shape for the job?

Yes. Forde Fitness has helped me a lot. I needed to focus and urgently a new fresh start. Last december I had to loose weight for my job and I started to push myself and started to attend sessions at Forde Fitness.

Today I can say that I already got one part of my goal. I lost 5kg and I’m feeling stronger.

Forde Fitness sessions are a whole body cardio workout, perfect for loosing weight and building lean muscle. You can choose between different weights and either build muscle or stick with the lighter weights and focus on cardio and repetition.

Would you recommend Forde Fitness to other models?

Always. Sometimes we need someone to motivate us and Forde Fitness is the best at it! It’s a family full of good energy…you forgot about all your problems and concentrate on the training.

What do you eat on a cheat day?

On my cheat days, it depends. I’m still trying to be 100% healthy. It’s not easy but also not impossible at all. One of these days I’d love to eat sushi, hamburgers or really fattening snacks…Hahaha

What are you favorite spots in Berlin city??

Since I moved to Berlin I keep trying different things. I love exploring new places and things…in Berlin you can experience something new every day. At Forde Fitness we don’t keep doing the same exercises and that’s what makes me really excited about it as well :).

Last but not least, what’s you Social Media username? We know that you have a very interesting account on Instagram…maybe our readers would like to check it out.

My username on Instagram is Priscila Cavaliere. I’m starting to do more about sport and I love to share a little bit from my work and places that I have been.

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