28 Mar Meet Florian


(In his own words)


Hey Flo, when was your first Forde Fitness session?

My first Forde fitness class was back in June 2016 when Forde fitness just started.

And how was the experience?

It was a blast! I knew the trainer already and what kind of training it would be, but doing it outdoors was something completely new for me. I’m usually one to enjoy the sun and summer breeze behind an open window and rarely go to the park, but I loved it. Training outdoors, I felt a new kind of energy! I was able to push myself more than in the gym. I trained every week that summer.

But you stopped your training with Forde Fitness for a while ?

I stopped in Fall 2016. I’d learned that the company I worked for was shutting down and that I would lose my job by the end of the year. That was pretty tough for me to process, didn’t have my head in fitness anymore. To be honest I was pretty depressed and started unhealthy habits again. So I thought, “if I’m going to ruin the results of my training with crap food, I better stop training altogether”. Besides I was also financially worried about the future, so I cut expenses here and there. I gained 6 kg in that period.

Yeah, sometimes things like that happen… When did you start back and why?

I returned in January 2017 for the 90-Day challenge because I needed something to put me in a positive mind frame. Something that would help me to motivate myself.

And how did the 90 day challenge help you through this period in your life ?

I was unemployed and I knew staying at home would mean that I would eat all day if I didn’t make drastic changes and take up good healthy habits again. The 90-Day challenge was the perfect opportunity to do just that! And it helped keeping a nice social life through the Forde Fitness community. Being unemployed in winter means you pretty much only get out of the house to go get groceries otherwise.

So, what have been the results so far mentally and physically?

Results have been great and really fast. I’m mentally stronger, and I’m happier and more determined thanks to a set schedule. Physically, I’m back to my “pre-break” level of fitness and I’m shedding kilos at a nice pace.

That’s great to hear! How has Forde Fitness impacted your life in general ?

Apart from the fitness impact, I met really great people and made cool new friends, which is quite an achievement as you grow older! The community is strong and very supportive.

What would you say to people who wanted to find out about Forde Fitness?

It’s not your regular gym class experience, it feels more like a group of friends working out together. The quality of training is quiet high and there a several trainers teaching the sessions. The atmosphere and music are really motivating and I really enjoy the diversity in equipment.

So, tell us what do u do for work?  (Just in case any readers know of any openings…)

I’m a French translator and relocation team leader.

Flo has found a job a few days ago and we are inspired by his positive attitude




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