Who We Are

We are not a gym. We are a movement of movement.

Join Our Family

We are whole. We are athletes and artists, bartenders and bankers, moms and makers, we are everyone and no one, we are all in. At Forde Fitness we believe that fitness can be an experience. Together we sweat, torch calories, laugh, kick ass, break through fitness plateaus and relief daily stress while empowering ourselves to be better. Our sessions are designed to be effective regardless of gender, fitness level or experience. The best part: We do it together as a family. JOIN US.

Evolve Your Body

Forde Fitness redefines what a workout can be. In our world – there are no headphones. We sweat our own symphony of exhales and pulses, pounding ropes and running feet to the beat of music and sweat. Total body workouts with intervals of High Intensity Training that include both resistance and cardio are proven to be most effective. Experience lean muscle growth, achieve personal bests, become a cardio killer and easily perform daily activities with our functional training module while having a blast.

Find Yourself

A full body workout targets the heart, soul and mind. Through open spaces, uplifting trainers, boundary pushing and the strength of community, we empower from within. Free your mind, clear your head and let yourself go. Loose yourself and find yourself. Forde Fitness doesn’t just change bodies, we help you relief every day stress and gain strength that lasts beyond. We want to have a positive impact on your daily life. We want the 60 minutes you spend with us to the best part of your day.

Group Sessions

Our group sessions are 60 minutes and include a warm up and cool down stretch. Sessions employ a dynamic circuit training format and a community based approach to conquering challenges regardless of individual fitness levels. Combining elements of speed, agility, high performance, power and strength training each course is designed to motivate, exhaust and fulfill. We bring together a kick ass group exercise experience with personal attention similar to an intimate personal training session. Our fitness experts modify exercises, adjust weight loads and demonstrate alternative work outs that vary in intensity and difficulty to challenge individual fitness levels.


Personal Training

It’s about burning calories, pushing further, building your body and freeing yourself. Our personal training is led by competitive athlete and Olympian Barry Forde. Having trained people of all fitness levels in all corners of the world, Barry’s approach to conditioning is both holistic and effective. Barry is a true sportsman and will go the extra mile to keep you motivated. For him it’s all about real training and real results. With competitive pricing, tailored nutrition plans and the flexibility of outdoor, studio or home visits, our personal training sessions ensure flawless form, a strengthened body and a solid foundation.


Please contact us or call + 49 173 7213366 to schedule your consultation and personal training session.


Corporate Sessions

Fitness and its beneficial effects are well documented not only on a personal level but within the workplace. More and more companies decide to go for corporate fitness sessions as statistics show that corporate fitness programs can benefit workforces by reducing stress, increase employee happiness, support team building, boost energy levels and positively impact the work environment. Forde Fitness offers a flexible fitness program for your employees with minimal space needed. We are confident in our corporate fitness sessions and will provide a free class. Our recommendation is a minimum of 5 employees and a maximum of 15 employees with 1-3 sessions a week. Sessions can be 30 minutes to 60 minutes.


Please contact us or call+ 49 173 7213366 to schedule your consultation and free corporate session.